AQHS is committed to the highest standards for health, safety and the environment (HSE) throughout its operations. We recognize that HSE best practice is good business practice and we are working hard towards a goal of zero harm to people, environment and assets.

The commitment of AQHS management starts with the HS & E philosophies that have been adopted as follows:
  • All occupational and environmental incident can be prevented
  • All operations must be performed safely and with minimal environmental impact
  • All personnel have the right and responsibility to stop any work they may be unsafe
  • Working safely and following company HS & E policies and procedures are conditions of employment
AQHS considers the protection of human health, safety and the environment for all its employees, sub-contractors, and the community to be of primary importance. As such the company will maintain a Health, safety & Environment program conforming to the beat management practices of the construction work. The overall success of the HS & E program is based on the following:

  1. AQHS undertake give priority to health, safety and protection of environment when carrying out it activities and to insists on the same policy from its sub-contractors.
  2. Management is responsible and accountable for protecting employees, assets and the environment in accordance with the company policy.
  3. Prevention of injuries and illnesses and environmental preservation must be made a priority during project planning, operation, maintenance and construction activities.
  4. Line supervisors are accountable for the action of their subordinates and will always reinforce safe work behaviors.
  5. All employees are responsible for stopping unsafe acts, alerting management of un safe work areas, and for following company HS & E policies and procedures.
  6. The company will commit to strive for compliance with all applicable HS&E regulation, codes, and standards and will develop and enforce procedures which provide guidance to all employees on their responsibilities for meeting or exceeding these requirements.
  7.  The company will provide adequate training to ensure understanding of good HS&E practices and regulatory requirements.
  8. The company will strive for continuous improvement in its HS&E performance through regular measurement and review of its operation and construction activities.
By applying these principals, we aim to improve our working conditions. Ensure better service for clients contribute to profitably.